De Pier - Friday and Saturday Parties

We are very please to announce that our Friday and Saturday Parties will be held at De Pier in Scheveningen. This beautiful location overlooks the gorgeous beaches and North Sea of The Hague. This space offers us two levels of dance space with a 360 degree view. Our upper floor will be our main dance hall filled with a live band.

The history of the old Pier goes back to the beginning of the swing era. The 372 meter Wandelhoofd Koningin Wilhelmina opened in 1901 and connected the famous Kurhaus with a sea pavilion as a cultural center for music performances, theater and dance in The Hague.

Haags Gemeentearchief
Haags Gemeentearchief
Haags Gemeentearchief

The current Pier, still one of the most famous in the world, started construction in 1953. After a period of decay, The Pier was resurrected as a two level construction containing a parade of craft food bars and pop-up stores. The top floor offers a panoramic view on beach and North Sea with space to enjoy sun, to stroll or dance on! We are thrilled to bring back swing dancing and music to this beautiful location.

De Prael Brewery - Sunday Evening

De Prael is an awesome brewery in The Hague that creates work opportunities for people facing obstacles in the job market while brewing great craft beer.  Best of all, they have plenty of space to dance on their wooden floor. On Sunday Evening, we will be celebrating the first anniversary of our “Last Sunday of the Month Beer Dance” here while closing out a fantastic weekend in a laid back atmosphere. 

Theater De Vaillant

All Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz workshops will be held in theater De Vaillant, a Hague city theater with multiple theater halls and dance studios. During breaks,  you can chill out with drinks and lunch in the colorful theater café.