Code of Conduct

Our community runs on respect

Let’s work together to make our dances a safe and enjoyable space for everyone!

While dancing you invite people into your personal space and enter other people’s personal space. Be aware of it and treat your dance partners well. Good hygiene can make dancing more comfortable for everyone, so bring a change of clothes, deodorant & mints if you need them.

Dance the role that pleases you most

 We believe that dance roles are unrelated to genders. Feel free to dance with anyone you like! To have clear communication when asking someone to dance, it’s good to state your preferred role or ask. For example: “Hey, Would you mind leading in this dance?” ”Hello, would you like to dance the next song? Would you prefer to lead or follow?”

Prevent injuries before they happen

While there is always some risk associated with any physical activity, we are committed to preventing injuries before they happen

Unsafe dancing is any movement that puts anyone at an increased risk of physical injury. If you are unsure what constitutes safe dancing, please ask a member of the care team or any organiser.

At Hofstad Hop we have a care team.

Please feel free to contact them about anything at all. Your concerns will be taken seriously and treated confidentially. If necessary, they will discuss possible courses of action with you. Contact any organiser if you need help in locating a care team member.

Zero tolerance on harassment

We have a zero tolerance policy on harassment be it racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic abuse, unwanted sexual attention or sexual assault. If the code of conduct is breached we reserve the right to remove the participant from current and future events.

With these things in mind, we’ll have a great time together!