Frequently asked Questions

Do I need to know how to dance to attend your events?

No! We frequently have a beginner lesson before our dance events. Be sure to check the event description. We are always careful to list the level of our workshops. 

Do I need to bring a partner to class?

No. Partners are not required for our classes. We rotate partners throughout the class so everyone has a chance to dance with everyone else. 

What do I wear?

Our dances may be in fancy venues, but we there is no need to dress fancily (unless you want to of course!).  It can be fun dressing up for a special event, but we want you to feel comfortable in your own look. 

Do I need special dance shoes?

To start with, a pair of comfortable shoes with just a little bit of traction will be fine.  A light pair of worn sneakers will often work just as well.

We do not recommend wearing shoes with overly-high heels, flip-flops, or other open-toed shoes that are not secure on your feet.  Shoes that are overly-sticky can be tough on your ankles and knees. Feel free to bring more than one pair of shoes to try out on our floor.

If you’ve been dancing for a bit and you would like to invest in a pair of dance shoes, there are plenty of options. Ask an instructor or a friend who’s been dancing for awhile, and they’ll usually be happy to point you in the right direction.

Can I pay by card?


What is a follow? What is a lead? Which one should I choose for classes?

In partner dances, there are two roles, lead and follow. Typically, the lead “defines the shape” of the dance, determining the basic moves that take place and choosing the timing of the dance. The follow “fills out and interprets the shape” of the dance, interpreting those moves as they are led and providing additional context and style. Both leads and follows have a critical role to play in the dance. In fact, a good dance among experienced dancers can be a sophisticated and nuanced conversation, with ideas passing back and forth between both dancers within the basic structure of lead and follow.

We encourage you to take classes as whichever role you prefer.  

Is Hofstad Hop LGTBQ-friendly?

Absolutely! We welcome all students. Ensuring that our workshops and events are a comfortable environment for all students is extremely important to us. For more details on our policies, please see our Code of Conduct.

Do you have a Code of Conduct or other policies that I should know about?

Yes. At Hofstad Hop we believe it is extremely important that all of our dancers feel safe and comfortable in their environment. That is why we have adopted a Code of Conduct that applies to everyone. Check it out here.

I want to volunteer! Are there opportunities for me?

Absolutely! We are always looking for people to help out. Email us at to learn how to get involved.