Full Pass – Smooth Pebbles

Level description: Smooth pebbles⚪

Hello groovy dancers! With your shiny shell and agile moves you are ready for a true challenge, effortlessly improvising with your own unique style and deepening your understanding of rhythm. With quite a lot of dance experience, you navigate all tempos with ease and are fluent in basic improvisation and don’t hesitate to show your solo jazz. Regularly attending social dances, workshops, and international Lindy hop festivals, you’re comfortable with any swing out variations and have a broad and diverse Lindy move repertoire. In partner dance, both leads and follows take responsibility in shaping the dance, taking inspiration from your partner, dancers around you, and the layers in the music. You are aware of your surroundings and rarely step on someone’s feet,even on a crowded dancefloor. This track offers conceptual and moves-based classes to inspire growth and challenge advanced dancers.

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